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An Intregral Part of the Community - Emergency Services

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Sierra Safety plays an integral part in our local community by providing high quality signage and erosion control products for a variety of different uses.  The fire department and homeowners need address signs not only to make finding houses easier for guests, but to ensure the protection of the residents by making their homes easier to find for emergency service personnel such as: ambulances, fire trucks, and police vehicles.  So many homeowners in the rural area of the Sierra Foothills live on back roads with no clear markings directing others to their house.  While we all enjoy our privacy, it is also wise to consider having an address sign with an arrow on it providing some quick direction to your home in the case of an emergency. 

When there is a landslide on the freeway we can provide barricades, temporary signage, wattles, and much more.  All those items that are suddenly needed in a pinch during the winter season are items we try to keep heavily stocked so we are prepared when emergency road crews are called and emergency erosion control products are required to get the job done in a timely manner. 

When there is a flood and peoples homes are in jeopardy we keep sandbags, wattles, and gravel bags readily available.  We try to buy bulk, and we pass that savings down to our customers who require these products to secure their homes and their possessions.  We believe strongly in improving our community!  We take pride in offering quality products to the consumers and institutions that need them most.