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Looking For A Lightweight Chemical Resistant Boot?

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At Sierra Safety we are always looking for product ingenuity and new products that combine requirements to make the jobs of our customers easier.  This particular work boot you can purchase for indoor or outdoor!  It is made with a microcellular polymer making it 40% lighter than most boots in its class.  It is chemical resistant, lightweight, and slip resistant. It has a cushioned heel and a composite hard toe. 

I know, you want it already. It is d**n nice to have a boot this lightweight on the job!  We have samples on our show room floor if you want to come check them out!

Details From Tingley Rubber

● 15 inch height black upper with composite safety toe and black cleated outsole.
● Composite safety toe meets ASTM F2413 M I/75 C/75 EH* and will not set-off metal detectors.
● Cleated outsole spits out debris for grip on indoor and outdoor surfaces.
● Durable, seamless upper is 100% liquid proof.
● Slip-Resistant, nitrile rubber outsole provides superior grip on dry, wet, and contaminated surfaces.
● Tiny air bubbles trapped within the material keep feet warm in the cold and cooler in the heat.
● Aerex 1.5.5™ is anti-fatigue: studies show that every pound reduced in footwear weight is like 5 pounds off your back and 5% less energy expended.**
● Calf-Relief Topline (CRT)™ is not only stylish, it provides easier on and off and roomier calf space.
● Beveled heel for reduced back and leg strain.
● Tread wear indicators to show when half the tread has worn away.

If you have any additional questions about this item, or other work boots then please contact Sierra Safety at (916) 663-2026.