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Mandarin Festival

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We will be setting up a booth the 18th-20th at the Mandarin Festival!  Our booth will have a sample amount of items that we carry at our store.  We will have employees running the booth that can answer any questions you have relating to our business and what we carry.  Sierra Safety Company has been a long time supporter of the local Mandarin Festival, and participates in the N.A.B.A. (Newcastle Area Business Association).  The Mandarin Festival started out small, but soon grew to large for the small town of Newcastle to support and now it takes place in Auburn.  The Mandarin  Festival has turned into a large event with Sponsors like Absolute Vodka, McDonalds, Savemart, Blue Moon, Teichert, Verizon Wireless, Direct TV, Sleeptrain, and More...  Make sure that you show up the first day, because Mandarins and other merchandise sell out fast.  The Mandarin Festival is just one of many opportunities we seize upon to be part of our community.  We have helped with custom alterations for the banners you will see at this event, and we look forward to helping other events like this with their banners and signage.