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Solar Roadways - Imagine the Possibilities

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Despite the content of this video coming off a little in your face, I appreciated the enthusiasm behind the narration and the passion of the inventors.  The whole idea of actually implementing solar roadways is still in the conceptual phase, and I'm sure like all new technological advancements it will have many issues to work through.  I can't tell you whether this is an exciting idea or impractical.  However, the concept of improving overall road safety and ushering in a better technological safety standard for driving while simultaneously harnessing reusable energy is a really exciting idea.  You will have to watch the video and take it with a grain of salt, but the safety measures and futuristic concept is worth the intensity.  It proposes having a textured glass with light led's, and a heat pad in each glass grid.  It would have pressure sensors to detect and light up underneath animals in the roadway or debris that has fallen.  You could heat up the roadways to remove snow that has fallen, and eliminate the need for snow plows.  You could program the road to read "Construction Ahead" when approaching a construction area.  It would make it so you could reprogram parking lots to have ADA stalls, or rearrange the parking lot for a new business simply by reprograming it.  In addition you would have the solar panels underneath the roadway storing clean energy.  If you had a parade downtown you could create a program to make the roadway flash, and display in different fun ways.  You could program the striping lighting in the roadway and eliminate the cost of striping the roadways regularly.  Furthermore it would reduce the cost of paving, and save additional energy!  It is a long way off, and there is always the possibility that the lighting system might be hacked.    Watch the video, and make up your own mind on what you think of this technological concept.  You can even join Sierra Safety Co. on Facebook, and let us know what you think!

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