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Promotions and Customer Appreciation - Summer 2018

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The summer months are always the busiest for the construction industry.  Since we have a rental yard, custom fabrication shop, sign shop, and a retail store there is a lot to keep up with during this busy season.  Still, we find ways to give back and show our customers how much we appreciate their business.  All through June we gave our customers the opportunity to get entered into a raffle.  We gave away a prize pack that included a high visibility backpack stuffed with hundreds of dollars worth of goodies.  It had a solar powered charging station, a very nice l.e.d. light baton, a high-vis Sierra Safety t-shirt, and a LP491 Flashlight.  On July 4th we were so excited to pick our winner and thank them for their business. 

During the month of July we ran a customer appreciation promotion that went as long as supplies lasted.  For in store purchases over fifty dollars we handed out igloo cooler lunch bags stuffed with t-shirts and safety glasses.  We did this for new customers and customers with accounts who come in regularly.  We like to encourage new and continued business.  If you are interested in what we're doing next then stay tuned to see what promotions you can look forward to the rest of this summer and later this year!


What Seperates Sierra Safety From The Competition?

Every time an online order is placed we call our customers to confirm their purchase.  We do this to make sure your card information has not been used illegally by someone else.  We confirm the ship to address, and even send you updates on where your purchase is at in processing and shipping.  We care [...]

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Fall Protection Display

Are you looking for fall protection at a store that has a variety of lanyards, harnesses, and kits?  We have a new display that really allows the customer to look at their different options and figure out what's right for the job.  We have a wide selection of retractable lanyards that come in different lengths.  We have [...]

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What Do I Need To Know About Ordering Address Signs?

The first thing you need to know is that the standard size for numbers has changed in the Placer County Region recently.  Inspectors now look to make sure that you have 4" numbers.  If you have four digits in your address then you can go with a 6"x18" and the stock holes will not interfere [...]

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Advances In The Road Construction Industry - Team Building & More

Searching for the right applications and programs for the construction industry can seem a little intimidating.  I have searched it a fair amount of times, and what I find is the advances that most sites brag about have high monthly or annual costs.  They also tend to be geared toward corporate giants in the industry.  [...]

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Construction Supplies

If you have a bid and are looking for a quote on materials please contact us.  Construction supplies seems to be a general term that people search for online.  We have access to sign posts, sign stands, barricades, fall protection, marking paint, striping paint, temporary and permanent signage, etc...  You name it, and we will [...]

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What are the different Wattles? What is in them? How do I know what I need?

Our wattles are 25' in length, and a weed free rice straw wattle.  We sell two different kinds of wattles; biodegradable or burlap netted, and ones with a photodegradable netting.  Photodegradable wattles are the regular ones that are cheapest in cost, and they have a thicker netting on the outside that breaks down in sunlight.  [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Rentals - PART I

A big part of the construction industry is being able to get the additional equipment you need in a timely manner because as we all know, deadlines sneak up fast.  I think it's important that customers have a reference for what we have and what our policy is.  There are four important things to think about.1.  [...]

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An Intregral Part of the Community - Emergency Services

Sierra Safety plays an integral part in our local community by providing high quality signage and erosion control products for a variety of different uses.  The fire department and homeowners need address signs not only to make finding houses easier for guests, but to ensure the protection of the residents by making their homes easier to find [...]

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Looking For A Lightweight Chemical Resistant Boot?

At Sierra Safety we are always looking for product ingenuity and new products that combine requirements to make the jobs of our customers easier.  This particular work boot you can purchase for indoor or outdoor!  It is made with a microcellular polymer making it 40% lighter than most boots in its class.  It is chemical [...]

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