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Construction Supplies

Posted by Miles Horn on 8th Nov 2017

If you have a bid and are looking for a quote on materials please contact us.  Construction supplies seems to be a general term that people search for online.  We have access to sign posts, sign stands, barricades, fall protection, marking paint, striping paint, temporary and permanent signage, etc...  You name it, and we will find it for you.  We have a list of manufacturing companies that we do business with attached to our "About Us" page, and that  list is located at the bottom of the page.  We have access to so many specialty items, tools, and raw products through these manufacturers.  When you are looking for specific construction supplies make sure to give yourself ample time to get a quote.  Depending on the construction product it might be located in a different state, and would have to be shipped out to California or the location that you are at.  Though we often refer to our industry as the safety industry, we are constantly doing business with general contractors who need a variety of construction supplies.  Even survey supplies I would still consider to be construction related, and we stock a lot of survey supplies here in our store.