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Everything You Need to Know About Rentals - PART I

Everything You Need to Know About Rentals - PART I

10th Oct 2017

A big part of the construction industry is being able to get the additional equipment you need in a timely manner because as we all know, deadlines sneak up fast.  I think it's important that customers have a reference for what we have and what our policy is.  There are four important things to think about.

1.  We have a $65 Minimum Rental Charge

2.  Customers will be billed in full for any lost or damaged rental items.

3.  We do not reserve rentals.  We operate on a first come first serve basis.

4. We require an account for many larger equipment items.

Keeping in mind the above four things is important when considering if it is best to purchase or rent.  For example, if you only need 10 cones but you need them for a month then it's probably cheaper to buy them outright.  You will have them for future jobs as well, and it is always wise to think long term.  We do sell Wanco products so if you need a CMS Board, Light Tower, or Radar Trailer long term then you might want to ask our management what the cost of outright purchase is for one of these items.  If you work in an area that you think the rental items may be damaged then it might be wise to purchase as well.  As far as getting the equipment you need when you need it; the best thing to do is call a week and then three days in advance of when you need the rental equipment. It is best to check on our inventory levels the closer you get to your rental pick up date. 

We want you to get what you need. In the event that it is our busy season and we run out of inventory then we advise in that rare case that you have a back up rental in mind.  Ask us if you need a referral.  We will always try to help our customers!

For Renting Larger Equipment Like CMS Boards, Trucks, Etc...

Sierra Safety Company requires that you have an account with our business.  This means you need to fill out a credit application and provide three reliable references that we will verify.  You need to contact your insurance company and put Sierra Safety Company down so that we have a certificate of liability on file.  Getting a jump start on this will make the process move along much faster.  We do not always approve everyone for an account.  We also have two types of accounts.  We have accounts with terms, and C.O.D. accounts.  Think about what works best for your business and let us know.

Here is a List of Everything That We Rent: 28" Cones both reflective and non-reflective, 42" Delineator w/Base, Type I Barricade with or without light (this is your basic A frame), Type III Barricade with or without light(4 1/2' Wide x 3-4' tall), Vinyl Roll Up Signs with or without brace, Complete Roll Up Sign Set Ups both Reflective and Non-Reflective, Portable Beacon w/ Battery Box, CMS Board (Changeable Message Sign Board), CMS Matrix Board (call to find out the difference between this and the basic board), Trailer Arrow Board, Attenuator Truck, Bucket Truck, Portable Light Tower, and Portable Radar Trailer.