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Welcome to 2022.  Where comfort meets functionality!

Welcome to 2022. Where comfort meets functionality!

Posted by Miles Horn on 20th Jan 2022

It's interesting to see so much diversity in safety products flooding the market in the last few years.  Bringing style and fashion to construction industry.  From pattern and image wrapped hart hats that feature everything from carbon fiber to the American Flag.  A move to predominately black bottom garments even for Class II & III compliant apparel.  Trust that we keep up with the trends so that you don't have to.  Sierra Safety recently brought in a whole new line of Dewalt apparel. The zip up sweatshirts are Class III compliant, and so darn comfortably soft inside.  As are their gloves.  We have a rip stop jacket in black with reflective striping/ yellow contrast.  This is a great jacket for tree workers, and others who do not have to comply with Class II and III ratings.  We've been bringing in Lift hard hats and gloves too.  Everyone so far has been happy with their padded fitted gloves.  Their hard hats are as stylish as it gets. Half carbon fiber/ half painted either yellow or orange.  Custom patterns available as well.  Keep checking us out to see what's coming next.