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What are the different Wattles?  What is in them?  How do I know what I need?

What are the different Wattles? What is in them? How do I know what I need?

Posted by Miles Horn on 26th Oct 2017

Our wattles are 25' in length, and a weed free rice straw wattle.  We sell two different kinds of wattles; biodegradable or burlap netted, and ones with a photodegradable netting.  Photodegradable wattles are the regular ones that are cheapest in cost, and they have a thicker netting on the outside that breaks down in sunlight.  If you are going to be putting wattles down near a creek or waterway then these might not be the right wattles for you.  Inspectors for job sites near waterway, creeks, and lakes are generally concerned about small wildlife getting caught up in the bottom part of the thick netting that doesn't degrade as fast because it doesn't receive sunlight on the bottom of the wattle.   

Biodegradeable wattles cost a bit more, but they have a burlap netting on the outside that is easier for wildlife to wiggle out of without harm.  However, the burlap technically takes much longer to degrade in actuality.  Many job inspectors are beginning to require the bio netting wattles. 

The purpose of wattles is to soak up moisture and prevent erosion in areas that are at risk of damage or altering the permanent landscape.  The weed free rice straw inside the netting is environmentally friendly, and effective. 

Wattles are sold 12 to a pallet, and 1 pallet has 300 feet of wattle on it.  Make sure you remember to purchase stakes to secure it to maximize longevity.